Ceramic Expressions 4th Edition

Coinciding with SGArtweek from 22 to 30 January 2021, Mulan Gallery brings you Ceramic Expressions (4th Edition), happening The Substation

Launched in 2017, Ceramic Expressions is an annual exhibition series showcasing works by Singapore-based ceramicists with 3 aims: firstly, to provide a conducive setting for ceramicists to explore new motifs, styles and techniques; secondly, to give ceramicists a platform to introduce their works to the wider art community in Singapore and beyond; and lastly, to foster artistic exchanges, learning and collaboration with internationally renowned ceramicists.

Ceramic Expressions has since evolved to become a leading platform in Singapore for showcasing original, creative and unique ceramic works. The forthcoming edition, the biggest ever, will showcase 27 works from well-known international and exciting Singaporean ceramicists.

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